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How is everyone?
Today I will be reviewing: The Phantom Of Venice.

Description: A villianous thief has been appearing all over Venice, making off with some of Italy’s most prized treasures.
The unnerving look of the thief’s mask, combined with the shadowy appearance of his/her cape are perhaps what has given them the nickname “The Phantom” – that, and the way they seem to appear and disapear without a trace.
Struggling to catch “The Phantom” with little luck on their own, the Italian police have decided to hire you, Nancy Drew, to assist them in their efforts to solve the case.
Will you, as Nancy Drew, be able to unmask the thief and recover Italy’s stolen art in time?
Go undercover and find out in The Phantom Of Venice!

I enjoyed this game.
One of my favorite things about this game is that we have the ability to change Nancy’s clothes. You can make her look like a fashionista, totally random, or even put together an AWESOME disguise!
Phone friends in this game include Ned Nickerson/Joe Hardy and Prudence Rutherford (did I spell her name right?). I always like talking to Ned and Joe, but Prudence Rutherford has always been annoying to me. I’ve never really been excited to talk to her. Sure, she may have a couple of good quotes, but I’m just not a fan.
We are alo able to talk to our contact, Sofia, on our PDA.
The puzzles in this game vary – some are fairly simple, others are more difficult.
There was one part of the game where we were required to learn some Itallian, or else we couldn’t complete the puzzle. I enjoyed it, and was pleased with the way HeR did it.
I enjoyed playing an Italian card game called Scopa as well.