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Hi, everyone!
Oh my goodness! Can you believe it? It’s been 1 whole year since I started this blog!
I am so thankful for all of the comments, follows, and likes that I got and, more importantly, all of the people who gave me those things.
Because of this blog, I think that I have become a much better writer, and without you guys/girls, that wouldn’t have happened.
I have a dew shoutouts to make here.

Ann, thanks so much for all of your comments! You’re awesome! I know that you recantly celebrated your first bloggiversery (again, I doubt I’m spelling that right…), so congrats to you as well!

Saxophonechick, thank you so much for the two award nominations! I feel so bad for not posting about them yet…I’ll try to soon, though. Thanks so much for your comments!

I want to say thanks to each and every one of my followers. THANK YOU!

Now I feel bad because I don’t have the time to thank everyone individually…sorry, and thank you – all of you!

I really wanted to post something more tonight, but this is all I’ve got right now. I hope you’re all happy with it.
I do have a poll for you all.

Thanks for being a part of this great year of blogging!