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Tonight I’m going to post more artwork/ideas for Nancy Drew PC game #30, The Shattered Medallion!
Now, is it just me, or has HeR been even more secretive than usual with this game? The title has nothing to do with the teaser!
I am almost certain that Sonny Joon will be in this game (now that I think about it, I should try to draw him!
I’m not sure who’s going to be among our list of contacts in this game. I kinda doubt Ned will be a phone friend, because he was in GTH and SPY…but, if you read this blog often, you know that I LOVE having Ned in the games. I have a feeling that the Hardy Boys may be phone friends in this game, but I could be totally wrong.
Now that we’re on the topic of the Hardy Boys, does anyone remember Bess’ quote in GTH? It went something like this: “Joe has discovered hiking – which, Nancy, it’s just walking! That’s what it is!
And Frank – oh, I don’t know. Frank is all sullen, and he he keeps talking about wanting to get an MBA or something.”
I think I forgot something on the part about Frank. Anyone know what it is?
Anyway, could that part about Joe be a reference to him/them being in MED?

I’ve been thinking about the title, and what it could mean to the mystery. Here are some more of my theories:
1. The medallion is found by someone during the race. During the race, bad luck begins to plague that racer, and possibly even anyone who interacts with them.
2. There is a legend connected to the medallion, possibly involving a ghost.
3. (This one IS a little far-fetched, but considering the likely possibility of Sonny Joon being in the game, it’s certainly a possibility) The medallion is said to have a connection to aliens (I don’t really believe in aliens but, ya’ know…Sonny Joon)!

MED ghost cover 001

MED ghost 001
So, what do you think about my fan-art? I hope you like it!