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Sorry for the wait, but I’m finally posting. 🙂

Now, before I get to the review, I just wanna let ya’ll know something about MED. The pre-order date has been released! Pre-orders start on April 15!

Like the title says, tonight I will be reviewing The Haunting Of Castle Malloy!

A friend of yours, Kyler Mallory, has invited you to attend the wedding of herself and Matt Simmons.
What was suppose to be a happy occasion turns into the bride’s – and groom’s – worst nightmare when Matt suddenly dissapears!
But wait…is it REALLY the groom’s worst nightmare? Is it kidnapping, or cold feet?
Kyler seems to think it’s neither, saying that Matt is just playing jokes on her.
But with her wedding day getting closer by the minute, you begin to doubt that this is the truth.
Donal Dolaney, the caretaker at castle Malloy, seems to think that Matt WAS kidnapped – by fairies, or perhaps even the supposed banshee which is said to haunt the grounds surrounding the castle.
Whether Matt’s disappearance was by choice or by force, it is vital that he return before the wedding.
Can you, as Nancy Drew, find Matt and bring him back, or will this happily ever after be a little less than happy?

I liked this game, although, I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorites.
I am not a puzzle person. I can do many of the puzzles in this game series, but I think of this as one of the tougher games.
I liked the story for this game. We have Kyler – the bride – and Matt – the groom. Matt’s a bit of a jokester, so, at first, Kyler is not so worried. She believes that he’s just playing tricks on her, and that he’ll show up soon, even if it’s just moments before the wedding.
We also have some interesting side characters.
We have Kit. What, you don’t who Kit is? C’mon, he’s the guy with the black eye! Matt’s BFF?! Yeah…
We have Donal Dolaney. The superstitious local, the castle’s caretaker, and the old man who hangs out at the nearby inn.
Although I’m not sure whether or not it is considered an actual character, we also have the banshee – a mysterious…character (?) with more to their story than meets the eye.
Bye, for now!