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That’s right, everyone! MED’s official trailer has been released and, honestly…IT WUZ AWESOME!!!
You might be wondering how I can be bored by the very thought of this game one day and totally excited by it the next – but if you are, you havn’t seen the trailer yet!
Let’s begin.

We start of with Nancy talking to George.
“Are you ready for this?” Nancy asks.
“You know it!” She answers.

With this, the trailer begins.
George looks a gazillion time better than in either of her previous appearances! Just perfect!

Next, we watch as George starts to cross a bridge.

Believe it or not, the animation is great, even while she’s walking!
If you compare George’s movement to the movement of characters in the past…wow.

Now, there’s so much going on in this trailer that I just don’t think I’m going to be able to go through it all – but I am going to fill you in on the important stuff.

Patrick looked great! So much detail!
Kiri looks really great, too!
Sonny Joon is awesome! I couldn’t have chosen a better voice actor for him!
George is A-MAZING! I’m so glad she’s back!
Bess looks great, in my opinion (although, my sister disagrees)! Her facial movements are so life-like!
I’d say that, outta the bunch, Leena was the one who disappointed me. Did anyone else notice the sorta pixilated look on the inside of her mouth?

The character movements are amazing! George walks onto a bridge, George falls off the bridge, Patrick falls down a pit, and I gape in astonishment while it happens!

At the end, when we’re shown all of the teams, and we see George/Nancy’s team, we actually see Nancy (well, the back of Nancy)!!!
So cool! She looks perfect!
Are you excited for this game?