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Hi, everyone!
Tonight I will be reviewing Nancy Drew Diaries book 1 – Curse Of The Arctic Star!

Description: Nancy Drew embarks on her first adventure in this new series – The Nancy Drew Diaries!
Accompanied by George, Bess, and Bess’ new boyfriend, Alan, Nancy boards a cruise ship by the name of the ‘Arctic Star’.
But this isn’t just any vacation! Nancy has been asked by her friend, Becka, to investigate the series of strange accidents which have been plaguing this celebrity cruise ship.
It becomes more and more apparent that these accidents are anything but accidental.
Could someone be trying to scare people away? Or is there more to this mystery than just business?
Go undercover with Nancy Drew to discover the truth behind these eerie incidents, before someone gets hurt…

I liked this book.
I hadn’t thought of this while reading the book but, as I’m posting this, something occurred to me. If this is the first book in this new Nancy Drew series, shouldn’t we be introducing new readers to Nancy’s world? Even to me( an ND fan for almost 7 years)it would be a great idea to begin this new ND era by starting out where Nancy first began – in her hometown of River Heights. We should have all of the origional main characters involved in the first story. But, because this did not acually occur to me while reading the book, and because Bess and George WERE in the book, I am willing to overlook this.
Another thought I recantly had about this book was how weird it is for Alan to be introduced in this first book – it just seems like an odd time; then again, his character did add to the book.
Alan’s character was funny, but I think his main purpose – other than being Bess’ boyfriend – is to keep Nancy away from the mystery (not on purpose…at least, I don’t think – I haven’t finished reading part 2, Strangers on a Train).
At the beginning of the book, George seemed more like Bess. One of the reasons is because, if I recall correctly, she was actually the one who asked to get some food. But, as the book proggressed, she became more like herself.
One thing that did bother me a little, though, is that George didn’t want to dress up for dinner. Yes, George is usually the sporty tomboy who isn’t big on fashion but, in the older books, she was fine with dressing up to go to partys.
Bess’ character seemed ok in this book, but my Mom pointed out that she didn’t think Bess would make Nancy take Alan along with them.
Nancy’s character was, well, Nancy. You can tell some differences between this Nancy and the old Nancy, though.
I was able to guess the culprit correctly while reading this book! Yay!
Overall, I thought this was a good book, and I would say that it’s certainly worth reading.
Thanks for reading!