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How are you guys/girls?
Tonight I will be reviewing Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery book one – Terror On Tour

Rockapazooma – the biggest musical event in the midwest – is here! But so is a deadly plan about to take effect…
With so many superstar performer’s appearing at this epic concert, it’s crucial that any danger be eliminated before something goes horribly wrong…
That’s why ATAC has assigned this mission to the Hardys: to find out what exactly is going on!
Confused? So are Frank and Joe as they struggle to discover the culprit before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess, George, and Ned are all heading to Rockapazooma, eager to rock out to some of the most popular artist of their fictional world! But when Nancy unexpectedly meats the Hardy’s, all she wants is to solve the case of their unknown mystery! Is it possible that these three detectives will solve the case together? Or will the Hardy’s secretive behavior prevent Nancy from joining the undercover brothers in their sleuthing?Find out whether or not Nancy and the Hardys can work together for the sake of lives in Terror On Tour!

I liked this book, but there was also quite a few things that I didn’t like about it.
I’m ashamed to say that, although I have started Hardy boys books in the past, I’ve never actually finished one…:( So, I’m counting this as my first Hardy boys book (even though it’s technically a crossover book…). This book is rated 8-12. I would NOT give this book to an eight year old kid. I would probably rate this book the same as all of the Cooper Kids books (12-14), although I’d approve it for ages above 14 as well.
This book begins from the POV of Joe Hardy. One thing that I found annoying is that the 1st chapter (a Hardys chapter) begins with Frank and Joe being held at gunpoint, and yet in the 2nd chapter (featuring Nancy and her friends) we find Nancy hanging out at the mall. I did not like having the Hardy’s characters introduced in such a perfect way, but afterwards having Nancy portrayed as just a typical teen.
Correct me if I’m wrong (after all, I have never actually completed a Hardys book), but Frank and Joe’s characters seemed a little…off. I can accept Frank’s character – the only thing I disliked was that he was always trying to ditch Nancy and her friends, and he was never too eager to work with Nancy. Joe seemed way to easily distracted by girls and, well, everything else.
I’ve never really been the type to encourage ships between Nancy and either of the Hardys. I’ve always thought the characters belonged with their initial “special friends”. I’ve always thought that Frank had been the one interested in Nancy, but in this book Joe seems to be the one who has a slight crush on her.
One of the most talked-about bands in this book was one called “Lethal Injection”. Now, Joe and George are both fans of this band. Personally, I don’t like to think that some of my favorite characters could like something that is so purely evil that it’s sickening. Is it just me?
Deirdre was in this book, and was an amusing part of it, but also provided some of the book’s more violent parts (Deirdre was not the one being violent, but she did play a part in all of it…).
Ned was missing for most of the book.
Much of the book was spent trying to navigate through the crowd, sometimes while trying to get a better view of the area.
I thought that there were too many creepy guys at this concert, calling Nancy and the other girls “babe” and stuff. I also thought that Joe used words like that much more often than I would’ve liked (I would have liked if he hadn’t said it all!).
The reason for the crime ended up being pretty good. I just really didn’t like the violent situation which was included in the ending – I highly doubt something like that would ever have been in the original ND books.
I realise that most of my review consists of cons to this book, but it definitely does have it’s pros as well.
Hope you liked my review, and thanks for reading!