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Hi! Sorry for the long wait, but I’m finally back and ready to review The Shattered Medallion!


Description: You as Nancy Drew, along with your friend, George Fayne, have been selected to participate in the hit reality TV show, Pacific Run: New Zealand.

The show has been taken over by none other than Sonny Joon. Is this TV show just another random job? Or does this alien-lover have something in mind for the contestants?

Before you can even begin to answer any of the major questions, things take a turn for the worst when George takes a terrifying plunge off of an unstable rope bridge!

Is it possible that one of the contestants is responsible for George’s fall?

Death seems to be the main opponent on this reality show, as contestants struggle to avoid it’s firm grasp.

Is Sonny Joon just a regular ol’ TV oddball? Or are his plans for the show a little more…out of this world?

Find out the truth behind these strange accidents, and discover a strange secret known only to Sonny Joon himself in The Shattered Meddalion.


I really liked this game. There were always new places to unlock and explore, and the animation was great (as usual :)).

Sonny was a great character! Although I disagreed with all of his alien talk, he had some great secrets that were certainly worth discovering, and a lot of great moments (including one that all ND and SJ shippers will L-O-V-E ;)). His character design was perfect as well. 🙂

There were so many places to unlock and explore in this game, and you always had something to do!

I think that Bess and George’s looks were perfect! In RAN, George looked fine, but the animation of her hair needed some work. In ASH, George’s animation was better, but her look was all wrong. In this game, she looked perfect!

In RAN Bess looked fine, but it just seemed like there was something a little…off. In ASH, Bess looked better – there was just something about her hair that I didn’t like. In this game, she looks great!

You are only able to call Bess and George in this game. Before the characters were  revealed to us, I was hoping that we would have the Hardys as phone characters (I would’ve also loved to have Ned as a phone friend, but I doubted he’d be in this game since he was a phone character in GTH and SPY.).

Overall, I think this is a great game, and I would definitely recommend it.






Good news for all who enjoy Greek mythology, because you, as Nancy Drew, are headed to Greece!

It seems like HeR has been hinting at a game located in Greece for a while now – and we’re finally going to see what they have planned for this amazing location!

This game is entitled “Labyrinth Of Lies”. If I had to guess, I’d say that the abbreviation is probably LIE.

For those of you who don’t know (even though all of you probably do) a labyrinth is like a maze.

The teaser for this game is completely based upon a story in Greek mythology (I am not too nowledgeable about Greek mythology, so the only reason I know that is because I found it on the internet :/).

As long as Nancy doesn’t believe the mythological story to be true (which I doubt she will) I think that this could turn out to be a very interesting mystery!

Chack back soon! I’m going to try to come up with a fan-made cover or two for this game. 🙂

Bye! Thanks for reading!