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I appoligize for how long it took me to post this.
I am pretty hooked on fan-fic, right now, and it’s got me distracted.
Who’s excited for ND #31: Labyrinth Of Lies, AKA LIE?!

WARNING: This post will be crammed with fan-girl speculations about the next Nancy Drew game. Don’t like reading possibly-meaningless speculations? This post is not for you.

Let’s get started!

This is my Fan-made cover art for LIE.

LIE Fan-Made CA 001

What do you think?
The woman on the front is Persephone. In Greek mythology, she is the unwilling bride of Hades, who kidnaps her and takes her as his wife.
I’m not going to go into to much detail but, eventually, Hades tricked Persephone into eating 6 pomegranate seeds, therefore condemning herself to 6 months out of every year in the underworld.

I am going to be perfectly honest – the only reason I know any of that is because of the internet. Where would we be without it?

From my Christian perspective, this Greek myth seems like some twisted version of Adam and Eve from the Bible (having been deceived by Satan, Eve gives the fruit to her husband, Adam, which GOD had warned them not to eat, committing the first ever sin, and therefore bringing the hurt and hardships into our world which we now have to endure).

I included a minotaur on my cover because, when I first read the title, the word ‘labyrinth’ caught my eye.
In Greek mythology, there is a myth about a minotaur (a half man, half bull creature) living in a labyrinth, and, uh…eating people.
Creepy, I know.

Ok. Back to actual game speculations…

I’m wondering if HeR’s version of Indiana Jones (my words, not their’s), Dylan Carter, will be in this game…
In TMB, this tour guide adorably asked Nancy if she’d come on one of his tours someday. As Nancy, you have the choice of saying yes or no. BUT, even if you do say ‘no’, Dyan will coax you into saying ‘maybe’.
I’d say that HeR definitely wants to bring him back – they obviously wanted to open up the possibilty of him returning.

I am almost certain that Bess and George will be in this game.
In MED, Nancy and George agreed that, for the next few months, they would do whatever Bess wanted to do, since she had to compete in the competition with them.
What if Bess heard/read about a tour lead by a certain cute, British guide in Greece?
Yep. if they aren’t physically there, I think that it will end up being like SHA – where Bess and George take a plane, but it ends up having trouble…or, at least, something like that.

Will the Hardys be joining us for this adventure in Greece?
Could it be that they are solving a mystery, as well?
If I am not mistaken, it has already been confirmed that they will be phone friends, if not physical characters.

As a loyal Nedcy fan, I hope that Ned will be in this game. He was in GTH and SPY, but not MED. Is it time for a come-back from good ol’ Neddy? Or is it too soon?
Only HeR knows for sure.

I have a feeling that this game will include a lot of information about Greek Mythology, but I really hope it doesn’t rely too heavily on it. It’s all an eye-roller to me, but I’m almost positive that HeR will put it to use in the games description and plotline.
Now that I’m typing this, it sounds like TMB all over again (a game which I actually quite liked).
After MED, I want a real mystery. For example:

Someone (possibly Nancy/a friend of Nancy) has been kidnapped! Could it be that Hades has claimed a second victim?

That’s just one example, but you get my point, right?

So what do y’all think this game will be like? Any ideas? Speculations?
I’d love to hear them!
Feel free to comment and tell me your thoughts!