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Picture 837 Hi, everyone! πŸ™‚
Pardon me for my absence, for I seem to have caught the fanfiction bug. . . So, blame my absence on both my laziness and my time-consuming fanfiction.
Today I have decided to write about something a little different.
We’ve ALL seen Frozen, right? Ya’ know, the movie with the super-awesome Snow Queen Elsa, and her equally-awesome sister Anna?
Yeah, you remember – I can see it by the look on your profile pic. 8)
This blog is about mysteries, obviously, so I thought I’d take some time to point out the mysteries of Frozen.


1. Whatever happened to Kristoff’s real parents?

Surely I can’t be the only Frozen-obsessed maniac who’s been wondering about this!
Did Kristoff already have parents when he was adopted by the trolls? Or was he an orphan?
The former just makes the trolls sound a little creepy, and I just don’t think it make sense.
There was one moment in the movie when Kristoff said, “it was just me and Sven.” But whatever happened to his parents?
Maybe they died due to the intensely cold temperatures? Or maybe they fell through ice one day (although, that makes me think that Kristoff would be afraid of going anywhere near the ice).
Perhaps they left Kristoff home one day and, for some unknown reason…never came back.
Ok, I’m stopping here with Kristoff – it’s so sad. 😦
I guess the important thing is that he found great rock-parents.

2. Who ruled the kingdom before Elsa came of age?

This is a question that my sister asked. I do think that this is an unsolved question – one that I’d like to hear your thoughts on.
I mean, a kingdom can’t rule itself…so who ruled over it after their parents died?

3. Hans.

His name is a question in itself. At the end of the movie, he’ll have you screaming “WHY, HANS?! WHY?!”
This has been one constant thread running through each of my fanfics – why did he do it?
Can I just say something crazy?. . . This is the part where you say, “i love crazy!”
. . . I am a little bit of a Helsa fan.
His underdeveloped relationship with Elsa is fanfic gold!
Some people ship Jelsa (Elsa/Jack Frost), and I’ll admit, I once thought it was a pretty cool ( πŸ˜‰ ) ship. But, I now know that Jack Frost is way too young to be shipped with her, in my opinion (I never watched the movie, so I had to read about him online).
Anyway, back to Hans.
We know that he has brothers (12 older brothers), but what we don’t know is how they treated him.
They may have been mean to him as I child (we know that a few of them pretended he was invisible for 2 years), or even as an adult.
What if Hans never really knew what love felt like, because he was never loved, himself? Being the youngest of 13 children in a royal family, what if no one really even payed attention to him?
Now, before you comment saying, “that’s no excuse for what he did, Sassy!”, I want to give ya’ll something else to think about.
Remember when Elsa fell in the ice palace to keep from being crushed by the chandelier? Well, how do you think she got back to the castle?
I’ll bet Hans carried her.
And who do you think put a blanket on her?
Something happened to him to change him. He wasn’t the same Hans at the end of the movie that he was then.
Has anyone ever read the original story of the Snow Queen? In it, there is this mirror which only showed people the wicked parts of the world, it distorted even the kindest, most beautiful of things , making it seem like the ugliest, or evilest it can be.
One day, the mirror shattered, and pieces of it scattered everywhere. If a shard were to seep into a persons heart, they would become wicked, harsh, and rude. The better a person they were before, the worse they are now.
What if Hans somehow got a shard of glass in his heart?
Now, this is just a theory. There are also cursed snowflakes. πŸ™‚
There are multiple ways that Hans could have suddenly become evil, but there are also multiple things that could have happened after the events of the movie.
Perhaps He was sent back to Arendelle for punishment (as written by some other brilliant fanfiction writers). What if Elsa (in the event of a Helsa situation) ends up talking to him, learning about his past, and ultimately changing him for the better?
Sorry ya’ll, I can’t help but ship this. πŸ˜€

Now, I want to know what all of your opinions are about these “mysteries”. Do any of you have any idea as to what the answers to these questions may be? If you do, I I’d love to read ’em!
Have any other questions of your own that you would consider mysteries? Let me know!
I love read all of your comments, so feel free to leave one.
Then again, I’m perfectly fine with a like or a follow. πŸ˜‰

P.S. Kristanna ROCKS!