Chapter 3

___________Nancy Drew___________

I reached my hand into the small compartment. I took out a small piece of paper and read.

I, Charlotte Thornton, hereby relinquish my 30% share in the Thornton company. In doing so, I have one request.
I ask that 15% be added to the wages of each of the employees, and that the other 15% be used to provide more suitable conditions for them.
Charlotte Thornton

There was another note inside, which said:

I have given a copy of this note to Clara. I fear that she will disregard my request, and so that is why I have hidden this letter – to ensure that these good people are taken care of.
If what I suspect of Clara is true, PLEASE find a way to cary out my wishes. These people should not be punished for Clara’s greed. I’m begging you.
Charlotte Thornton

“Oh. My. Goodness.”
I quickly closed the secret compartment. I held the letters tightly in my hand. I couldn’t let anything happen to them.
I had to figure out who I could trust.
Clara was obviously a “no”.
Harper seems trustworthy, but also totally nuts.
Colton is strange…so hard to understand – I just find him hard to trust.
Jessalyn seems a lot like Charlotte might have been, which makes me think she’d be willing to help.
Wade will help. He went to jail for these people. I don’t think he’ll let them down.


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