– Chapter 7

“Mom?” Jessalyn said.
“Jessie?” It was Clara.
“What are you doing?”
“It doesn’t involve you, sweatheart.”
“Um…yeah, it does. I’m in here, too.”
Her mother ignored her comment.
“What are you doing?” Wade asked.
“Actually, I’d like to know what Nancy’s been doin’.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Hon, I thought you were here to help us find Jessie. Turns out you were interested in more than just my daughter’s so called ‘kidnapping’.”
“Whatever do you mean?” I said, pretending not to know what she was talking about.
“The letters, Nancy. You just had to go and ruin everything I thought I had fixed. Charlotte was willing to give up 30% of the company. I wasn’t just going to sit back and watch as she gave up everything I didn’t have.”
“But, Clara, she-”
“She wrote those letters. The letters I want, Nancy.”
“No.” I wasn’t going to let her destroy the evidence that Jessalyn held in her hands.
I headed toward the door, bumping into Ned, then into Harper, along the way.
I grabbed the doorknob, and turned it.
“It’s locked!”
“Let me try.” Wade said.
He brushed past me and attempted to open the door himself. He pushed and pulled, but the door wouldn’t budge.
“This is definatly a very dejavu-ish moment for me.” Ned said.
“I can hear you.” Clara said. “You might as well give up trying to get out.”
“But, mama-”
“Oh hush, Jessie – I’ll open the door. That is, right after I get the letters.”
“Through the vent.” She replied.
“Don’t do it, Jessalyn.” Harper said.
“I-I won’t.” Jessalyn replied. “I won’t do it, mother.” She said – now talking to Clara.
“Very well.” The woman replied. “I’ll be back soon. Let me know if you change your mind.”
We heard footsteps and knew that she had left.
“What are we going to do?” Bess asked worriedly.
I thought for a moment.
“Maybe we could…call someone?”
“Of course!” Ned said. “Hey…where’s my phone?”
“Here you go.” Harper said.
“You took my cellphone?!”
“Deal with it.”
He turned on his phone, which illuminated his face.
“…Well, anyway, I don’t have any usefull contacts.”
I got my phone out of my bag and turned it on.
“I can call-”
“Can you call Savannah?” Wade asked.
“Uh, yes…but it would take her awhile to get here – she’d have to get on a plane and everything.”
“I can call Addison.”
“Addison Hammond?” Jessalyn asked.
I nodded.
“How did you get her number?”
“Your mom.”
I pushed the ‘call’ button on my phone and turned on speaker phone.
“Hello?” Came Addison’s voice over the phone.
“Addy, you have to come back to Thornton hall! My mom has locked us in the crypt!”
“What?! Jessie, is that you? You’re alive?! And your locked in the crypt?!”
“Oooooh, Jess, you know I can’t stand that place!”
“I like her.” Bess said.
“Please, Addison.” Jessalyn continued.
“Fine. Just stay where you are, I’ll be there soon.”
“We don’t really have a choice.” Jessalyn said.
I hung up.

___________Addison Hammond___________
I had just arrived at Black Rock island. That creepy ferryman had agreed to bring me back.
I headed toward the cemetary.
I shivered in the cold night air. I really should’ve brought a coat.
I didn’t bother packing again, because I didn’t plan on staying very long.
When I reached the crypt, I knocked on the door.
“Jessie? Are you in there?”
“Addie?! Yes, I’m in here!”
I tried the door.
“Jess, how am I going to unlock the door?”

_________Nancy Drew___________________
I took the key out of my pocket.
“I have the key…maybe I could slip it under the door.” I said, sliding the key under the door, just as I had suggested.

___________Addison Hammond___________
I stooped down to pick up the key.
I took it in my hands, but before I unlocked the door, I said:
“Hey, Jess. I see an oppurtunity here. If I unlock this door, what’s in it for me?”
I could hear Jessalyn groaning in exasperation.
“Addison, if you unlock this door, I’ll…give you my autographed picture of Rick Arlen that you seem to love so much.”
I inserted the key into the lock and opened the door.
A small croud of joyfull and free prisoners paraded out, yelling shouts of joy along the way.
“I’m free!” Said a blond girl in a sparkly pink MLP shirt.
I hurried over to Jessalyn and expressed a feeling of obvious relief as I greeted her with a hug.
I now turned and looked at the others in front of me.
“So, uh…who are you guys?”


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