Jessica Meuse has been eliminated from American Idol!!! :(



I am so sad right now…
I really hope Jess gets a record deal…
She almost made it to the top 3!!! Congrats on making it so far, Jess! We’re really gonna miss seeing you on Idol!!! 😦


Terror On Tour


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How are you guys/girls?
Tonight I will be reviewing Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Super Mystery book one – Terror On Tour

Rockapazooma – the biggest musical event in the midwest – is here! But so is a deadly plan about to take effect…
With so many superstar performer’s appearing at this epic concert, it’s crucial that any danger be eliminated before something goes horribly wrong…
That’s why ATAC has assigned this mission to the Hardys: to find out what exactly is going on!
Confused? So are Frank and Joe as they struggle to discover the culprit before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Nancy Drew and her friends, Bess, George, and Ned are all heading to Rockapazooma, eager to rock out to some of the most popular artist of their fictional world! But when Nancy unexpectedly meats the Hardy’s, all she wants is to solve the case of their unknown mystery! Is it possible that these three detectives will solve the case together? Or will the Hardy’s secretive behavior prevent Nancy from joining the undercover brothers in their sleuthing?Find out whether or not Nancy and the Hardys can work together for the sake of lives in Terror On Tour!

I liked this book, but there was also quite a few things that I didn’t like about it.
I’m ashamed to say that, although I have started Hardy boys books in the past, I’ve never actually finished one…:( So, I’m counting this as my first Hardy boys book (even though it’s technically a crossover book…). This book is rated 8-12. I would NOT give this book to an eight year old kid. I would probably rate this book the same as all of the Cooper Kids books (12-14), although I’d approve it for ages above 14 as well.
This book begins from the POV of Joe Hardy. One thing that I found annoying is that the 1st chapter (a Hardys chapter) begins with Frank and Joe being held at gunpoint, and yet in the 2nd chapter (featuring Nancy and her friends) we find Nancy hanging out at the mall. I did not like having the Hardy’s characters introduced in such a perfect way, but afterwards having Nancy portrayed as just a typical teen.
Correct me if I’m wrong (after all, I have never actually completed a Hardys book), but Frank and Joe’s characters seemed a little…off. I can accept Frank’s character – the only thing I disliked was that he was always trying to ditch Nancy and her friends, and he was never too eager to work with Nancy. Joe seemed way to easily distracted by girls and, well, everything else.
I’ve never really been the type to encourage ships between Nancy and either of the Hardys. I’ve always thought the characters belonged with their initial “special friends”. I’ve always thought that Frank had been the one interested in Nancy, but in this book Joe seems to be the one who has a slight crush on her.
One of the most talked-about bands in this book was one called “Lethal Injection”. Now, Joe and George are both fans of this band. Personally, I don’t like to think that some of my favorite characters could like something that is so purely evil that it’s sickening. Is it just me?
Deirdre was in this book, and was an amusing part of it, but also provided some of the book’s more violent parts (Deirdre was not the one being violent, but she did play a part in all of it…).
Ned was missing for most of the book.
Much of the book was spent trying to navigate through the crowd, sometimes while trying to get a better view of the area.
I thought that there were too many creepy guys at this concert, calling Nancy and the other girls “babe” and stuff. I also thought that Joe used words like that much more often than I would’ve liked (I would have liked if he hadn’t said it all!).
The reason for the crime ended up being pretty good. I just really didn’t like the violent situation which was included in the ending – I highly doubt something like that would ever have been in the original ND books.
I realise that most of my review consists of cons to this book, but it definitely does have it’s pros as well.
Hope you liked my review, and thanks for reading!

Nancy Drew Diaries – Curse Of The Arctic Star


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Hi, everyone!
Tonight I will be reviewing Nancy Drew Diaries book 1 – Curse Of The Arctic Star!

Description: Nancy Drew embarks on her first adventure in this new series – The Nancy Drew Diaries!
Accompanied by George, Bess, and Bess’ new boyfriend, Alan, Nancy boards a cruise ship by the name of the ‘Arctic Star’.
But this isn’t just any vacation! Nancy has been asked by her friend, Becka, to investigate the series of strange accidents which have been plaguing this celebrity cruise ship.
It becomes more and more apparent that these accidents are anything but accidental.
Could someone be trying to scare people away? Or is there more to this mystery than just business?
Go undercover with Nancy Drew to discover the truth behind these eerie incidents, before someone gets hurt…

I liked this book.
I hadn’t thought of this while reading the book but, as I’m posting this, something occurred to me. If this is the first book in this new Nancy Drew series, shouldn’t we be introducing new readers to Nancy’s world? Even to me( an ND fan for almost 7 years)it would be a great idea to begin this new ND era by starting out where Nancy first began – in her hometown of River Heights. We should have all of the origional main characters involved in the first story. But, because this did not acually occur to me while reading the book, and because Bess and George WERE in the book, I am willing to overlook this.
Another thought I recantly had about this book was how weird it is for Alan to be introduced in this first book – it just seems like an odd time; then again, his character did add to the book.
Alan’s character was funny, but I think his main purpose – other than being Bess’ boyfriend – is to keep Nancy away from the mystery (not on purpose…at least, I don’t think – I haven’t finished reading part 2, Strangers on a Train).
At the beginning of the book, George seemed more like Bess. One of the reasons is because, if I recall correctly, she was actually the one who asked to get some food. But, as the book proggressed, she became more like herself.
One thing that did bother me a little, though, is that George didn’t want to dress up for dinner. Yes, George is usually the sporty tomboy who isn’t big on fashion but, in the older books, she was fine with dressing up to go to partys.
Bess’ character seemed ok in this book, but my Mom pointed out that she didn’t think Bess would make Nancy take Alan along with them.
Nancy’s character was, well, Nancy. You can tell some differences between this Nancy and the old Nancy, though.
I was able to guess the culprit correctly while reading this book! Yay!
Overall, I thought this was a good book, and I would say that it’s certainly worth reading.
Thanks for reading!

The Shattered Medallion Official Trailer!


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That’s right, everyone! MED’s official trailer has been released and, honestly…IT WUZ AWESOME!!!
You might be wondering how I can be bored by the very thought of this game one day and totally excited by it the next – but if you are, you havn’t seen the trailer yet!
Let’s begin.

We start of with Nancy talking to George.
“Are you ready for this?” Nancy asks.
“You know it!” She answers.

With this, the trailer begins.
George looks a gazillion time better than in either of her previous appearances! Just perfect!

Next, we watch as George starts to cross a bridge.

Believe it or not, the animation is great, even while she’s walking!
If you compare George’s movement to the movement of characters in the past…wow.

Now, there’s so much going on in this trailer that I just don’t think I’m going to be able to go through it all – but I am going to fill you in on the important stuff.

Patrick looked great! So much detail!
Kiri looks really great, too!
Sonny Joon is awesome! I couldn’t have chosen a better voice actor for him!
George is A-MAZING! I’m so glad she’s back!
Bess looks great, in my opinion (although, my sister disagrees)! Her facial movements are so life-like!
I’d say that, outta the bunch, Leena was the one who disappointed me. Did anyone else notice the sorta pixilated look on the inside of her mouth?

The character movements are amazing! George walks onto a bridge, George falls off the bridge, Patrick falls down a pit, and I gape in astonishment while it happens!

At the end, when we’re shown all of the teams, and we see George/Nancy’s team, we actually see Nancy (well, the back of Nancy)!!!
So cool! She looks perfect!
Are you excited for this game?

OMGoodness! MED Page is UP!!!


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Has anyone else seen? The Shattered Medallion page is U-P!
My initial thought was “YAY!”, but, after reading the description, I was a little disappointed. I mean, seriously? Mishaps? Cheating competitors? That’s it?
I’m willing to bet that what they mean by “beyond this world” is aliens. Don’t you think so? After all, it is Sonny Joon we’re talking about here!
Ok, everyone; I’ll be back soon to add more, but I am currently watching Idol. Go Jessica Meuse!!!
You sound so great, Alex!
Jena, you have so much power! So awesome!
Sam you rock!
CJ your so cool!
Dexter keep up the contry! You sound awesome!
Who are you rooting for?

Edit: Ok, I’m back, and I’m going to add a little bit more.

The lighting in the screenshots looks very realistic. I’m pleased with most of them.
In one of the screenshots, I noticed something which said “Tiki Turn In”. This leads me to believe that, after finishing each of our tasks in the competition, we will find a tiki, which we will then turn in at the Tiki Turn In.

I just saw the character profiles.
Sonny Joon looks good – not as good as he looks on the cover – but still good.
George looks soooooooo much better than she did in ASH! Very happy. 🙂
Like I said in a previous post, I’m also very, very, very happy with Bess’ new look! It’s the perfect mix of girly and athletic for this competition! 🙂
Patrick Dowsett looks pretty realistic.
Kiri Nind looks sweet.
I’m thinking Leena Patel may have some good lines.
I really don’t have much else to say about these characters.
I’m very disapointed that, as far as we know, there are no phone friends in this game.
I was hoping (and sorta doubting) that we’d have Ned as a phone friend. I actually thought that the Hardys would either be phone friends or actual characters in this game.
To be honest, I was more excited for SPY and its characters, than I am for MED.
I don’t think I’m going to pre-order this one.

The Shattered Medallion Cover Art!


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Has everyone seen the cover art for MED that was released earlier today?
Here it is!

What are your thoughts on this cover art?
I think it looks cool but, at the same time, I think that it falls just a little bit short of my expectations. I was hoping that, once I saw the cover art, I’d actually have some sort of idea as to what the mystery is going to be – but I still don’t, which is pretty disappointing to me.
Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this cover.
I think that the guy on the front is obviously Sonny Joon AKA The Artist.
On the bottom, I see Bess, and I assume that the girl standing next to her is Nancy (since her head is cut off…just, ya’ know, not literally).
I’m guessing in the top left corner is George.

The Haunting Of Castle Malloy


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Sorry for the wait, but I’m finally posting. 🙂

Now, before I get to the review, I just wanna let ya’ll know something about MED. The pre-order date has been released! Pre-orders start on April 15!

Like the title says, tonight I will be reviewing The Haunting Of Castle Malloy!

A friend of yours, Kyler Mallory, has invited you to attend the wedding of herself and Matt Simmons.
What was suppose to be a happy occasion turns into the bride’s – and groom’s – worst nightmare when Matt suddenly dissapears!
But wait…is it REALLY the groom’s worst nightmare? Is it kidnapping, or cold feet?
Kyler seems to think it’s neither, saying that Matt is just playing jokes on her.
But with her wedding day getting closer by the minute, you begin to doubt that this is the truth.
Donal Dolaney, the caretaker at castle Malloy, seems to think that Matt WAS kidnapped – by fairies, or perhaps even the supposed banshee which is said to haunt the grounds surrounding the castle.
Whether Matt’s disappearance was by choice or by force, it is vital that he return before the wedding.
Can you, as Nancy Drew, find Matt and bring him back, or will this happily ever after be a little less than happy?

I liked this game, although, I wouldn’t consider it one of my favorites.
I am not a puzzle person. I can do many of the puzzles in this game series, but I think of this as one of the tougher games.
I liked the story for this game. We have Kyler – the bride – and Matt – the groom. Matt’s a bit of a jokester, so, at first, Kyler is not so worried. She believes that he’s just playing tricks on her, and that he’ll show up soon, even if it’s just moments before the wedding.
We also have some interesting side characters.
We have Kit. What, you don’t who Kit is? C’mon, he’s the guy with the black eye! Matt’s BFF?! Yeah…
We have Donal Dolaney. The superstitious local, the castle’s caretaker, and the old man who hangs out at the nearby inn.
Although I’m not sure whether or not it is considered an actual character, we also have the banshee – a mysterious…character (?) with more to their story than meets the eye.
Bye, for now!

MORE MED Artwork And Ideas!


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Tonight I’m going to post more artwork/ideas for Nancy Drew PC game #30, The Shattered Medallion!
Now, is it just me, or has HeR been even more secretive than usual with this game? The title has nothing to do with the teaser!
I am almost certain that Sonny Joon will be in this game (now that I think about it, I should try to draw him!
I’m not sure who’s going to be among our list of contacts in this game. I kinda doubt Ned will be a phone friend, because he was in GTH and SPY…but, if you read this blog often, you know that I LOVE having Ned in the games. I have a feeling that the Hardy Boys may be phone friends in this game, but I could be totally wrong.
Now that we’re on the topic of the Hardy Boys, does anyone remember Bess’ quote in GTH? It went something like this: “Joe has discovered hiking – which, Nancy, it’s just walking! That’s what it is!
And Frank – oh, I don’t know. Frank is all sullen, and he he keeps talking about wanting to get an MBA or something.”
I think I forgot something on the part about Frank. Anyone know what it is?
Anyway, could that part about Joe be a reference to him/them being in MED?

I’ve been thinking about the title, and what it could mean to the mystery. Here are some more of my theories:
1. The medallion is found by someone during the race. During the race, bad luck begins to plague that racer, and possibly even anyone who interacts with them.
2. There is a legend connected to the medallion, possibly involving a ghost.
3. (This one IS a little far-fetched, but considering the likely possibility of Sonny Joon being in the game, it’s certainly a possibility) The medallion is said to have a connection to aliens (I don’t really believe in aliens but, ya’ know…Sonny Joon)!

MED ghost cover 001

MED ghost 001
So, what do you think about my fan-art? I hope you like it!